Our team at AWAKE strives to walk the walk to sustainability -- together. Cooperation and harmony are essential to reconnecting to nature and each other.

AWAKE was formed in memory of Annie Richards.

Team Los Angeles:


Emily is passionate about organic gardening, conserving resources and eliminating waste.  She can't bear to use disposables plastics and be found walking her dog while picking up trash along streets and beaches. Emily is dedicated to dramatically reducing her footprint, when it comes to water, waste and any type of emission. A world-renowned musician and digital-music entrepreneur, much of her musical collaboration explores the subjects of nature and preserving our earth. Emily embraces a vegan diet, in symbol of her love for animals, native habitats and planetary harmony. 


"Farmer John" is an expert composter, organic gardener and backyard chicken-herder. Mindful of climate-changing emissions, he can usually be spotted riding a bicycle or skateboard (when not driving his electric Tesla). He carries water in a BPA-free nalgene, bamboo cutlery just in case, and cloth bags for groceries, produce and bulk. This mountain-ocean-loving vegetarian has recently retired from decades of long hours in the entertainment industry and now loves the tranquility of tilling rich soil and helping green things grow. 

TEAM san diego:

Tiffany brown  

Tiffany is a master gardener who saves seeds, dries herbs and utilizes rain-water. She has an organic-kitchen-formula for every type of garden pest or fungis. As a vegan health-food expert, she grows the majority of food she eats and concocts a daily vita-mix of garden veggies. A woman who makes her own organic cleaning products and creates nearly zero waste, Tiffany's artistry is evident in all she touches. She manage's AWAKE's San Diego community garden and the Bee the Change Nursery. 

Kevin sabins  

Kevin builds hand-created raised garden beds from recycled materials when he's not mixing compost, pruning fruit-trees or transplanting veggie starts. He can fix just about anything and finds unique ways to transform trash into useful tools for the garden and nursery. His xeriscaped landscapes not only save water, they are truly artistic. This vegetarian nature-lover shares his talents in the kitchen, garden and campgrounds. Kevin is strong with a shovel yet has a gentle soul. 

TEAM ventura:

jason brock & the ventura co-Op  

Jason is a master gardener and builds community around sustainable living workshops. He makes a mean compost-tea and he (and his partner Audra) convert any water-guzzling lawn into a drought-tolerant organic vegetable garden surrounded by beautiful xeriscaping. Food Not Lawns is his favorite book and he loves preparing a vegetarian meal from a fresh home-grown harvest. Jason is the founder of the Ventura Co-Op and is active in sustainability through government and community.