Making conscious effort to live sustainably is part of our daily experience. And each day we learn a new way to reach an ever greater harmony with our Earth and all life.


awakening gardens - los angeles, san diego, Utah

In our urban farm experiments in Los Angeles, San Diego and Utah, we organically grow most of our own food, from saved seed. We transform food waste into rich compost for the soil. We water our gardens with untreated rainwater and graywater from our laundry, kitchen sinks and outdoor shower. We power our homes (and car) with solar energy. We've rescued 7 beautiful (and diverse) free-range chickens, one adorable desert tortoise, one loyal Belgian Malinois, one Silver Bengal and a pond full of feeder fish.  We lovingly adhere to a plant-based diet.




With special encouragement from the Los Angeles City Council, we've started a grassroots program called CommuniGreen. How can we green Los Angeles? One neighborhood at a time. We help our neighbors plant their vegetable gardens, where we all share starts, seeds, our harvests and the food we preserve by drying or canning. We've give neighborhood tours, concerts and presentations too.



sacred activism

We believe finding our way to harmony with the earth is not only good for the body, but joyous to the soul. Our presentations on water conservation celebrate innovation. Our beach clean-ups begin and end in meditation. And our plant-based diets inspired by our love for life. Our community dinners, events and concerts help us reconnect to the world of nature, also an aspect of ourselves.