We must cultivate our own garden. ~Voltaire

Organic gardening is our first step to sustainability.  

  • Brentwood Urban Farm
  • Bee the Change Nursery
  • The Help Group School Garden
  • Bel Air Country Club Garden
  • Carmelina CommuniGreen Gardens
  • Tuhaye Mountain Garden 

Our students come alive in entirely new ways when spending time with Emily, John, Jason and other AWAKE volunteers in our school garden. We love harvesting and eating fresh, organic vegetables!
— Barbara Firestone, The Help Group School for Autism, Los Angeles

What We've Accompished

  • We plant and maintain the school garden at the Help Group in Los Angeles, have planted school gardens in San Diego and at Bel Air Country Club.
  • We spearheaded the CommuniGreen program with the City Council of Los Angeles.
  • We've helped five homes on our street start and maintain organic home gardens. 
  • We give tours and hold events at Brentwood Urban Farm where folks interact with our 7 chickens, fresh fruits and vegetables, xeriscaping, composting, and cool water-saving technologies.
  • We've adopted the streets of our Brentwood neighborhood by cleaning up litter multiple times each week.
  • We attend and sponsor quarterly beach clean-ups in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. 
  • We've transformed a San Diego home into a sustainable, organic home with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, rain barrels, solar panels, compost bins and artistic xeriscaping.  
  • Our next project is to transform our home in the Deer Valley, Utah into a sustainable mountain farm.